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Credihogar Autofinance provides retail vehicle financing services to consumers in the state of Texas through a network of selected dealerships and independent lots originators. We also offer floor plan and loan portfolio purchase options to qualified originators. We underwrite all our loans and fulfill with private funds, so we have the flexibility of selecting the best customers to minimize risk to our investors while having the flexibility to take some loans that don't qualify for traditional financing

Automobile Financing

Credihogar Autofinance has established an unbeatable program to acquire receivables originated by authorized and licensed automobile dealerships in their ordinary course of business. We are a customer-friendly automobile financing company looking to work with licensed dealers.

Auto Loan Portfolio Purchase

We purchase existing loan portfolios from our qualified originators at competitive rates to offer dealerships and lots immediate liquidity and the funds necessary to focus on selling and inventory build

Proprietary Underwriting

We developed a proprietary risk assessment model to identify and qualify non-prime loans with the lowest risk and highest probability of full term repayment. This offers access to financing to more consumers while minimizing our risk exposure

What is the Process?

4 easy steps make Credihogar Autofinance "The best financial service "

If you want to know more about our services or you are interested in becoming an originator or a customer Contact us