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In Credihogar Autofinance, we understand that it can be difficult for some people to qualify for a traditional auto loan due to factors outside their control, like those buying a car or truck for the first time, those with no established credit history or those with a blemish on their credit report, but who are responsible individuals and have good payment potential. Based on our proprietary risk assessment and underwriting process, we identify credit-worthy individuals and then we work with customers and originators to find the best loan terms for our customers. We make the application and payment process as easy and fast as possible and work with any car dealership, big or small, so our customers have the freedom to choose the car they want to buy from any approved dealership or car lot.

Contact us to get more information on how to become an approved loans originator or a customer. We have an easy financing process and we are sure we will save you time and money.